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Different Levels of Inspection

More than 30 years experience as Inspection agent in Taiwan, Japan, HKG and Korea, now we have six inspection offices located in Coastal China and one in Taiwan. All well trained and certified inspectors are ready to be your ears and eyes in factories. We are your most reliable partner in China. You may choose the most suitable ways of the inspection to fit your needs.
Different Levels of Inspection

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  • Pre-shipment Inspection
    Solux provides detailed visual and technical inspection for components, accessories, semi finished or completely finished goods before shipment based on AQL standard required by the customers. We have experienced and well trained inspectors to fulfill customer's requirement.
  • Initial Production Inspection
    Our inspector may start the inspection when 10% products have been already produced to find out any quality defects earlier and prevent in the further production.
  • In Line Inspection
    Solux may help the customers to do in line inspection if necessary. During mass production, the inspector will check each station to make sure the production is in order.
  • Container Loading Supervision
    Our inspector will make sure the manufacturer load the right products well in full container loading, there is no shortage, no junk, no garbage, no waste, no non-consigned goods or empty space inside the container. We will supervise the loading from the beginning till sealing the container.. By doing this, customer will receive full container of good products without any damage in transportation.