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Failure Analysis

We have well experienced engineers station in QC office to help on failure analysis, our aim is to make sure supplier really knows where the problems are and how the problems come out, so proper solution can be worked out to fix the quality problems.
Failure Analysis

Work with the best quality

  • Process Monitoring
    Our quality engineers are ready to help on failure analysis and in process control, we are not only to say "Accept" or "Reject", but also go further to help your supplier how to make products better and better when necessary.
  • Debugging
    When our engineers find the problems from suppliers, our engineers will try to assist the suppliers to debug the problems, such as design problem, production problem and testing problem. We will co-work with the supplier to solve the problem together and get the better solution.
  • Test Plan Support
    Our engineers will set up the different test plans (such as design, production and package test plan) according to customer’s requirements. We can verify and ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. So our test plan support will contain a detailed understanding of what the eventual workflow will be.