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Inspection Standard

We perform initial production inspection, Pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision based on customer's quality standard.Other than that, we follow the Military Standard 105D (MIL – STD – 105D) as sampling plan. We have also clear definition for Critical Defect (CR), Major Defects (MA), Minor Defects (MI) and all our well trained/well experienced inspectors always strictly follow the requirement as SOP. Even if the customers have no standard, we may prepare QIP(Quality Inspection plan) for the inspection based on the field standard and our long time experience.
Inspection Standard


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We have set up clear defect grade as below

  • Critical Defect (CR)
    Defects that have the possibility to result in the lost, damage or deprivation of the customers properties.
  • Major Defect (MA)
    Functional failure or the non-usability of the product by the customer.
  • Minor Defect (MI)
    Not likely to affect the non-usability of the product for it's intended use.

    Besides performing function test to make sure the product quality before shipment, we can also add on Drop Test/Vibration Test/Environment Test (Temperature test & Humidity test) to prevent any defect caused in transportation and container loading upon customers' request.
  • Drop Test
    Depending on the gross weight of outer carton, we will do drop test by one corner, three edges, six faces.
  • Vibration Test
    30 minutes for each face, 600 rpm – 1200rpm as frequency range.

  • Environment test (Temperature test, Humidity test)
    We perform the test according to customer's request.

    For Sampling plan, we follow strictly Military Standard 105D (MIL – STD – 105D) Level II, single sampling. Double sampling will only be applied upon customers' request.